Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ocean Wise?

Ocean Wise is a Vancouver Aquarium conservation program, created to help businesses and their customers make environmentally friendly seafood choices. The Ocean Wise symbol next to a seafood item assures you that option is the best choice for the health of the oceans.

How does the Ocean Wise program work?

We work individually with each partner business to help them make sustainable seafood purchasing decisions. In turn, participating businesses identify these options on their menus or display cases with the Ocean Wise logo allowing their patrons to easily identify the most sustainable options. We are constantly working to source sustainable seafood options and our partners are committed to working toward serving only sustainably caught seafood.

How is Ocean Wise seafood recognized?

Look for this symbol – it’s your assurance that you are making the best choice to ensure the health of our oceans for generations to come.

What is sustainable seafood?

Sustainable seafood can be defined as species that are caught or farmed in a way that ensures the long-term health and stability of that species, as well as the greater marine ecosystem. Learn more about sustainable seafood.

How are the Ocean Wise sustainable seafood choices evaluated and recommended?

The sustainability of each species harvested for seafood is evaluated on an individual basis. We review the current scientific literature and speak with researchers from governmental and non-governmental organizations, academic researchers and researchers from the Vancouver Aquarium. Learn more about our Ocean Wise recommendations.

How did the Ocean Wise program start?

The Vancouver Aquarium launched the concept of Ocean Wise in January 2005 at C Restaurant, our founding restaurant partner. The Ocean Wise program released its first Dining Guide on April 22nd 2005, Earth Day. A list of the first 16 restaurants was included on these rack cards. Each of these restaurants removed at least one item from their menu and committed to promoting at least one sustainable option.

What is C Restaurant’s role with the Ocean Wise program?

C Restaurant and Executive Chef Robert Clark have long been proponents of sustainable seafood and approached the Vancouver Aquarium about creating a program that would help restaurants and their patrons make sustainable choices – something the Conservation Department at the Aquarium was working on at the time. C was instrumental in not only the creation of Ocean Wise, but also in helping to spread awareness about sustainable seafood and advising us on how to make the program viable and beneficial for other restaurants.

Who is involved in Ocean Wise?

The Ocean Wise logo can be found in participating restaurants, markets, food-service locations (i.e. universities, hospitals, etc) throughout Canada. Find an Ocean Wise restaurant near you or download the Ocean Wise Restaurant Directory! Ocean Wise partners are as diverse as our marine ecosystems – check out our full list of Ocean Wise partners

How does a group get involved?

Become an Ocean Wise partner in a few easy steps. Please read our how to join Ocean Wise page and fill out the application form.