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13 November 2015

The Guardian "Ocean Wise: Canada's Sustainable Seafood Movement"

"To say that Ned Bell is passionate about seafood is like saying Gordon Ramsay has a bit of a temper. It simply doesn’t do justice to the strength of the emotion..."


9 November 2015

CBC "Dangerous, tasty fishery resumes off BC coast"

"One of British Columbia's most unusual and dangerous fisheries is poised for a comeback..."


9 November 2015

Eat Magazine "Sustainability is the new normal"

"It’s been 10 years since the Vancouver Aquarium launched its Ocean Wisecampaign, a program to help consumers identify sustainable sources of seafood, and the retailers and restaurants that sell it..."


5 November 2015

Vancity Buzz "New App Locates 'Ocean Wise' Seafood in Vancouver"

"The Vancouver Aquarium has launched an app that might help you make better seafood choices..."


25 October 2015

Castanet "Chowder Chowdown"

"A local seafood expert is taking his skills to the coast to compete against other B.C. chefs in the annual Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown at the Vancouver Aquarium..."


22 October 2015

Insider Vancouver "Vancouver Fish-Loving Foodie Alert! Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown is Back at the Aquarium"

"We may have just got a new Nordstom but really, the only accessory any visitor to Vancouver needs in November is the iconic mini wooden spoon which comes with each entry to the Vancouver Aquarium’s annual Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown..."


21 October 2015

Kelowna Now "Okanagan Ocean Wise Chef to Compete in Unique Chowder Chowdown"

"An Okanagan chef will go head-to-head with some of the best in the ultimate Chowder Chowdown..."


21 October 2015

Vancouverscape "2015 Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown"

"Fall brings with it cloudy skies and cooler air, but it’s also an excuse to warm up by indulging in delicious comfort food. Vancouver foodies will have a chance to sample some of the city’s best chilly weather cuisine at the Vancouver Aquarium’s annual Ocean Wise™ Chowder Chowdown next month..."


12 August 2015

Vancouver Sun "Ocean Wise Cooking" 

"When Jane Mundy wrote The Ocean Wise Cookbook five years ago, most of the chefs who contributed recipes were from Vancouver where the move to seafood sustainability in restaurants began in Canada..."


13 July 2015

Yahoo! News "Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise Program Still Protecting Aquatic Life 10 Years On" 

"A lot can change over the course of a decade. Just look at the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wiseprogram. What started as a local grassroots movement has now become Canada’s most recognized sustainable seafood program..."


6 May 2015

The Loop "5 Reasons Why Vancouver Is The Best Food Destination In Canada"

"Not only is Vancouver near the ocean, it’s the birthplace of Ocean Wise, a sustainable seafood program that’s now in its tenth year..."


4 May 2015

Toronto is Awesome "Awesome Seafood: Sustainable and Delicious, Ocean Wise Celebrates 10 Years"

"In 2005, The Vancouver Aquarium established the Ocean Wise conservation program. What started out as a local, grassroots organization has flourished into the most recognized sustainable seafood program in the country..."


29 April 2015

Western Living "Ocean Wise Celebrates Their 10th Anniversary"

"This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Ocean Wise conservation program, founded by the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre in 2005. Since it’s beginning it has grown from 16 to more than 600 partners in collaboration with chefs, restaurants, markets, and more..."


27 April 2015

Westender "Ocean Wise Turns 10"

"In honour of its 10th anniversary, Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program has launched a Top 10 Ocean Wise Seafood list, which includes white sturgeon, spot prawn, side stripe and humpback shrimp, Pacific sardines and halibut, Dungeness crab and more..."


23 April 2015

Post City Toronto "Ocean Wise Celebrates 10 Years of Certifiable Sustainable Seafood"

"This week seems like it’s full of earth related news. Wednesday was Earth Day, we’ve been having crazy weather, and it’s also the 10th anniversary of Ocean Wise, a Vancouver Aquarium conservation program dedicated to teaching people about sustainable seafood..."


21 April 2015 

Scout Magazine "Ocean Wise Turns 10, Releases 2015 Top 10 List Of Sustainable Canadian Seafoods"

"Ten years ago today Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre established its Ocean Wise™ conservation program, now Canada’s most recognized sustainable seafood program. Initiated as a local, grassroots program in 2005, Ocean Wise has grown to more than 600 partners across the country and collaborates with chefs, restauranteurs, markets, suppliers and fishers..."


21 April 2015

District Local "Ocean Wise Turns 10 Today!"

"Ten years ago today, Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre established its Ocean Wise™conservation program, now Canada’s most recognized sustainable seafood program. Initiated as a local, grassroots program in 2005, Ocean Wise has grown to more than 600 partners across the country and collaborates with chefs, restaurateurs, markets, suppliers and fishers..."


1 April 2015

Avenue Calgary "Vancouver Aquarium Ocean Wise Program Turns 10"

"Chilean sea bass was the canary in the coalmine for chef Robert Clark. His alarm over the decreasing quality of this fish helped inspire Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre’s Ocean Wise program in 2005..."


March 2015

Aburi Update "Water for Ocean Wise"

Each year, Aburi Restaurants Canada donates proceeds from Vivreau water sales to a different charitable foundation. This year, we have selected to support Ocean Wise, Vancouver Aquarium’s initiative to for Sustainable Seafood...


26 February 2015

Good Food Revolution "Are you taking the fish? Re-visiting the sustainable seafood debate with Hooked's Dan Donovan"

This week we sit down with Dan Donovan, a gentleman who, along with his wife Kristin, runs Toronto's Hooked fishmongers. When it comes to the myriad complex arguments surrounding the sustainability of the fish in our planet's oceans, lakes and rivers, the waters can get very muddy indeed...


19 February 2015

Shine On Lifestyle News and Chat "Open Farm and TerraCycle team up to offer ethically sourced dog food - with recyclable packaging"

We want our food organic and ethically sourced. We care about packaging: we want less of it, and for it to be recyclable or reusable — or even edible...


17 February 2015

Eat North "Behind the line: Chef Dana Hauser"

Most female chefs will happily tell you that they get pretty sick of that, "So, what's it like being a woman in the kitchen?" question that's asked in almost every interview. But, like many questions, it can be an interesting, albeit predictable, one to throw out there...


5 February 2015

Aquablog "Walter Caesar Now Ocean Wise Approved"

Whether you prepare this classic Canadian cocktail mild, spicy, with a slice of bacon or stalk of celery, you may enjoy it knowing that it is Ocean Wise™ approved...


2 February 2015

Aquablog "Ocean Wise Welcomes Sustainable Pet Food Option"


With the sustainable seafood movement on the rise across Canada, it comes as no surprise that the same sustainability practice would apply to our pets...


2 February 2015 

Inside Vancouver "Jellyfish and Barnacles: Underrated Seafood You Might Love"

Ever tried jellyfish, sturgeon liver, or smelt? What about gooseneck barnacles, sea cucumber, or whelks? Perhaps you’re wrinkling your nose right about now and wondering,”What the heck is a whelk?”...


28 January 2015

Scout Magazine "Yaletown's Blue Water Cafe Gets Set for its 11th 'Unsung Heroes' Seafood Festival" 

"Blue Water Cafe’s executive chef Frank Pabst is in the process of crafting the menu for his annual sustainable seafood festival – aptly named “Unsung Heroes” – for the 11th year. Initially created to bring awareness to local and unique seafoods, and to avoid species that are over-fished or harvested in ways that can damage ocean beds, the month long festival has seen significant growth – over 400% – since its inauguration..."



15 December 2014

Calgary is Awesome "Pescetarianism - The Fishy Way of Life"


“How do you know someone is vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.” It is jokes like these that cause most people to shy away from discussing their dietary restrictions, especially self-imposed ones. Vegetarians and vegans alike face this issue regularly, though it’s inevitable that the subject will come up eventually. When I get asked, the most common response I get after answering is: “What is a pescetarian?”...


2 December 2014

Foodservice and Hospitality "Ned Bell, of the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver, Wins Chef of the Year" 

"In his collection of essays, The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell wrote of a rare personality type. “These people on whom we rely on more heavily than we realize are Connectors, people with a very special gift of bringing people together,” he wrote. Social advancements depend on these influencers, who are curious, self-confident, sociable and energetic, he adds. Ned Bell is one such Connector who has had a profound impact on how chefs and Canadian consumers perceive seafood. Through advocacy against overfishing, and tireless promotion of identifying and sourcing sustainable seafood, the West Coast toque is part of a growing generation of chefs who consider the environmental impact of each dish..."


19 November 2014

CBC News "Chowder Chowdown brings out operatic side of seafood in Vancouver" 

"Every year, top chefs from across B.C. pick up the ladle for the Chowder Chowdown in Vancouver, cooking before an audience to provide the most delicious soup of the season. But for Prince Rupert's representative at the competition, sushi chef Daisuke Fukasaku, it's a lot more than a mere competition..."


19 November 2014

Inside Toronto "Centennial College chefs earn honours at chowder chowdown"

"A chowder cook-off between some of the top ocean wise chefs in the city took place in Toronto’s Historical Distillery District earlier this month..."


6 November 2014

Pique "Chef's Choice: Sustainable seafood with chef Robert Clark"

" In the beginning, Robert Clark never meant to start a sustainable seafood revolution. In fact, he didn't even mean for seafood to be his main focus..."


6 November 2014

Individual.Com "Agrimarine completes installation of its newest tank design"

"AgriMarine Holdings Inc. (the "Company" or "AgriMarine") (CSE:FSH) (FRANKFURT:A2G) announces that it has completed the installation of its proprietary semi-closed containment tank technology at its Steelhead farm in Lois Lake, British Columbia. Four (4) AgriMarine System(TM) tanks have been installed and have been commissioned at the Company's West Coast Fishculture (Lois Lake) fish rearing facility. The Company announces that one (1) Version 1.2 and three (3) Version 2 tanks are now operational. Version 2 of the AgriMarine System(TM) features a more robust design, with enhanced structural strength and a more efficient pumping system..."


5 November 2014

Vancouver Sun "Raincity Grill and C Restaurant leave lasting legacy"

"Raincity Grill and C seafood restaurant quietly slipped into Vancouver history but leave a lasting legacy. The restaurants were recently sold to Viaggio Hospitality whose holdings include The Waldorf Hotel and Moda Hotel and their restaurant operations..."


1 November 2014

Noshing with the Nolands "Chowder Chowdown"

"There is a crisp breeze blowing now that we are into November here in Calgary and what better way to warm you from the inside out than a lovely hearty flavorful chowder!! Coming up on November 19th, 13 of Calgary’s top chefs will be competing for the title in Calgary’s second annual Vancouver Aquarium Ocean Wise™ Chowder Chowdown. The event will be held at the Hyatt Regency Calgary..."


29 October 2014

Georgia Straight "Ocean Wise salmon isn't just for summer: Fairmont chef Atticus Garant shares a fall recipe"

"Atticus Garant learned to fish as soon as he was able to hold a fishing rod. The Yukon-born, Fraser Valley–raised chef recalls accompanying his dad on trips to Haida Gwaii as early as age five..."


9 October 2014

Pique "Mile One to go up against top Vancouver chefs in Chowder Chowdown"

"Droves of foodies from far and wide have made the pilgrimage to Pemberton to get their mitts on a legendary burger from Mile One Eating House. But chef and proprietor Randy Jones could soon be putting the iconic Spud Valley eatery on the map for a dish you won't regularly find on the menu after it was selected to take part in next month's Vancouver Aquarium Chowder Chowdown..."


7 October 2014

Travelocity "Culinary Travel Trend Report - Vancouver"

"Do you want to feel like a foodie insider? Well, head to Vancouver during prawn season and you will be treated to sweet seafood delicacy. Vancouver is home to a huge number of chefs who support sustainable seafood, led by Chef Ned Bell — be sure to eat at Yew to taste his passion for seafood..."


Summer 2014

Montecristo Magazine "Ocean Wise: Sustainable Ripple"

"Fads come and go, especially in the fickle world of food and drink. But one trend not going away any time soon is the role of the chef as advocate for responsible dining. This year marks the lead-up to the 10th anniversary, in 2015, of Ocean Wise, the Vancouver Aquarium’s initiative to make diners and consumers at large aware of the seafood we eat, its origins and, most importantly, its sustainability—or lack thereof..."


5 May 2014

Eater Vancouver "Vancouver Aquarium's Wine for Waves Ocean Wise Fundraiser Uncorks Naramata Bench Spring Releases"

"The corks on the first wine releases of the new season from the Okanagan's Naramata Bench were well and truly popped (Oh, alright, mostly unscrewed) at the annual Wine for Waves fundraiser at the Four Seasons on Friday night in aid of the Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise programme. Chefs from Vancouver and Okanagan restaurants including Red Rooster, Forage, Tableau, Hapa Izakaya and PICA joined forces with the wineries for a night of sustainable seafood paired with the new release wines. Approximately $25,000 was raised on the night from ticket sales and the silent auction. Chef Ned Bell launched his Chefs for Oceans Canned Tuna, which you can buy for $10 at YEW. Dan Poh Photography was on hand to capture the action..."


19 March 2014

BC Business "BC Rallies Behind National Sustainable Seafood Day"

"A group of chefs and NGOs want to get Canadians talking about sustainable seafood this month. Led by locals including Ned Bell, executive chef at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver, and the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program, the group hopes to raise awareness and educate consumers about available seafood options that won’t harm our country’s fisheries and marine life..."


10 March 2014

The Globe and Mail "Ocean Wise Sustainable Seafood Catches on in Vancouver Restaurants"

 "Vancouver’s RawBar will become the first sushi restaurant in the city to exclusively serve Ocean Wise fish and seafood, nine years after the national designation was first developed in the city awash in sushi restaurants..."


22 January 2014

The Grid "Shop Talk: Just Sushi's Evan Clifford on Opening the First Fully Sustainable Sushi Restaurant"

"Sushi isn’t traditionally considered to be the most earth-friendly meal, but the newly opened Just Sushi (12A Brookers Lane, at Lake Shore) is trying to change that. The two-month-old takeout spot (located in the midst of a condo development on the western edge of Toronto) has been declared the first fully sustainable sushi restaurant in the world by Vancouver-based conservation program Ocean Wise. Additional bragging rights include the restaurant being Bullfrog-Powered, having biodegradable takeout containers, using reclaimed woods for fixtures, growing its own mizuna greens, and doing delivery via e-bike..."


25 February 2014

Joyous Health "Farmed or Wild? 5 tips for buying seafood"

"Wild VS Farmed. While these terms can conjure up profoundly different images -one of a free, happy salmon and the other sad, hormone-stuffed fish crammed into a tiny pen- the differences between the two might not be as disturbing as you might expect..."


21 January 2014

Georgia Straight "The Fish Counter Sustainable Seafood Shop Puts Rob Clark In Front Again"

"Before the Food Network came along, chefs weren’t the celebrities so many are today. And although TV portrays top chefs as spending every spare moment in the kitchen, the reality for most who reach high-level positions is different. Executive chefs typically pass just as much time, if not more, in a back office doing paperwork as they do in front of a flaming grill..."


15 January 2014

Huffington Post "Just Sushi is World's Most Ocean Wise Restaurant"

"The Vancouver Aquarium is hailing what may be the world's most ocean-friendly sushi restaurant, located in Toronto. Just Sushi is the world's first sushi bar whose complete menu meets the Ocean Wise standards for classifying sustainable seafood..."


15 January 2014

Up! Magazine "Dine Sustainably with the Ocean Wise Program"

"If you love ordering seafood when you’re dining out, chances are you’ve seen the Ocean Wise symbol. This handy icon can be found in supermarkets and on the menus of more than 3,000 restaurants across Canada, and its appearance denotes responsible, sustainable seafood choices identified by the Ocean Wise program..."


10 January 2014

Toronto Star "Just Sushi is the World's First Ocean Wise 100% Sustainable Sushi Restaurant"

"Just Sushi looks like any other Japanese take out counter — spare, zen décor, glass-top fridge flush with plump cuts of fish wrapped in cellophane, ordering station..."





23 March 2013

Winnipeg Free Press “It's Buyer Beware When it comes to Choosing Sustainable Seafood”

“I've compiled advice for Seafood Watch and Ocean Wise through a Winnipegger's lense. Here's a summarized list of what's good, not so great and downright ugly about some of the more popular fish and seafood sold in this landlocked corner of the planet...”


16 April 2013

The Vancouver Sun "Wine for Waves at the Four Seasons Hotel"

"Wine for Waves at The Four Seasons Hotel is presented in partnership with the Vancouver Aquarium in support of Ocean Wise..."


29 April 2013

HELLO! Magazine "Wine for Waves"

"I’m a huge fan of the Vancouver Aquarium’sOcean Wise programme. I wrote about them for En Route – you can read here why it’s so crucial that we choose our seafood wisely..."


7 May 2013

Calgary Herald "Bringing the sea to Calgary"

"We hear a lot about farm-to-table dining, but an event at River Cafe later this month is about boat-to-table..."


28 May 2013

Western Living "Calgary event: Ocean Wise River Cafe dinner"

"Everyone knows starfish can regenerate their limbs, whales can sing, and dinoflagellates glow in the dark (or maybe that last one’s just me). But regardless of whether marine life is wonderful, or just weird, it’s worth conserving..."


8 June 2013

Fashion Calgary "Celebrating the importance of sustainable food - Ocean Wise"


12 June 2013

Global Dish "Ocean Wise in Calgary: A sustainable, scrumptious choice"

“We have to start paying attention,” said Chef Paul Rogalski at the May 31st Ocean Wise event at Calgary’s River Café, “let’s not just take all of it {the seafood} out and eat it, let’s take a little bit out, and acknowledge it...”


14 June 2013

Vancouver Sun "Ocean Wise wine challenge"

"B.C. spot prawn season will come to an end over the next week or two, emphasizing that everything has its season. By the way, the corollary to eating wild seafood in season is not eating it out of season. That means those frozen rings of prawns bought in supermarkets year round should be off limits, but I digress…"


19 June 2013

Vancouver is Awesome "Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise ambassador profile: Chef Ned Bell"

"Vancouver Is Awesome is a proud sponsor of Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise™ program, created in 2005 to address overfishing, the single biggest threat facing our oceans today. What started as a local conservation initiative has grown into a nation-wide program with over 480 partners spanning coast to coast..."


20 June 2013

Scout Magazine "DINER: Ocean Wise Co-Founders To Launch “The Fish Counter” This August On Main St."

“Rob Clark – former executive chef at “C”, joins forces with Vancouver Aquarium, Mike McDermid, to open a sustainable fishmongers on Main Street this summer called The Fish Counter…”


 3 July 2013

Savour Magazine "Recipe of the week - wild Ocean Wise smoked salmon risotto"

"In 2005, the Vancouver Aquarium created its Ocean Wise™ program to address overfishing, the single biggest threat facing our oceans today..."


4 July 2013

Vancouver is Awesome "Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise ambassador profile: Fisher Steve Johansen"

"Ocean Wise is an important program because it educates Canadian chefs and the public on making responsible seafood choices. Without programs like Ocean Wise in place, there would be no seafood choices left for us to enjoy in the near future..."


5 July 2013

The Globe and Mail "A stampede of fine dining in Calgary"

"In late May, I spent a magical evening at Calgary’s legendary River Café. Tucked into the lush greenery of Prince’s Island Park, this rustic wood-and-glass charmer overlooks the lagoon where the Bow River passes through downtown Calgary..."


18 July 2013

Vancouver is Awesome "Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise ambassador profile: Chef Quang Dang from West"

"Why is Ocean Wise important to you? It’s a valuable resource for the chef and the guest to make the proper choices for seafood. It also allows the chef to have better and fresher products to work with..."


31 July 2013

Vancouver is Awesome "Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise ambassador profile: Kazuya Matsuoka from Miku and Minami"

"Why is Ocean Wise important to you? It is important to show diners how sustainable food is delicious and great for the environment. It is our role as chefs to be excellent advocates of Ocean Wise. This will then be passed on from generation to generation…"


14 August 2013

BC Living “Szechuan Chongqing Teams with Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise”

"Recently Szechuan Chongqing decided to partner with the Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise program, with delicious results…"


15 August 2013

Vancouver is Awesome “Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise ambassador profile: Chef Curtis Demyon from the Fish House”

“Why is Ocean Wise important to you? The preservation of our oceans and the sustainable food sources that come from its depths need to be monitored to ensure procreation of these species and avoid overfishing. As well as the preservation of aquatic species that become by-catch of certain types of fishing. We need to help ensure that our oceans stay abundant for future generations…”


20 August 2013

The Globe and Mail "Forget food trucks: Why shipping containers are the hot new restaurant trend"

"There’s a curious back story to one of Victoria’s most popular fish and chips restaurants. It all started in the early 2000s when a Hummer travelled from Southeast Asia to Vancouver in a shipping crate..."


13 September 2013

Canadian Restaurant News "Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown hits Calgary"

"Soup’s on for a dozen local chefs as the Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown includes Calgary in its city list. The event, which the Vancouver Aquarium-sponsored organization Ocean Wise started on an annual basis in Vancouver in 2008 and Toronto in 2010, will take place at the Hyatt Regency Calgary on Nov. 18..."


18 October 2013

Calgary Is Awesome “The Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown is coming to Calgary”

“Whenever I think of chowder, I invariably think of this Simpsons episode. I wasn’t very familiar with the seafood soup until I took part in an Ocean Wise dinner earlier this year to learn more about sustainable seafood. And boy, can chowder be good! Smoked oysters, clams, lobster and more all can make up a delicious chowder…”


18 October 2013

BC Business “Toast to the Coast”

"It's not often that you get to wine and dine under the sea, but on October 18, the Vancouver Aquarium played host to 500 guests for its annual Toast to the Coast bash. The event raised $100,000 that will directly assist the aquarium's conservation, research and education programs..."


23 October 2013

FOOD + DRINK “VAN to TOR: Ocean Wise’s Chowder Chowdown”

"The Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown is going coast-to-coast with the nation’s fishiest food competition. The Chowder Chowdown happens across the country, pitting the best local chefs in a battle for the town’s best chowder, judged by some the city’s most respected foodies..."


30 October 30 2013

Foodea “Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown”

"Overfishing is the biggest issue our oceans face today. Join Canada’s growing sustainable seafood movement as Canada’s top chefs compete head-to-head for the title of 2013 Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown Champion...."


18 November 2013

Scout Magazine “GOODS | Ocean Wise Month Sees Canada-Wide Celebrations Of Sustainable Seafood”

"Overfishing is the biggest threat our ocean’s face today. At this critical point, we are now fishing the last 10 per cent of the oceans’ large, predatory fish. The good news is that there is still time to take action to save our oceans..."


19 November 2013

Yelp “Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown”

"This November, join Canada's growing sustainable seafood movement as 13 of Toronto's top chefs go head-to-head for the title of 2013 Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown Champion..."


19 November 2013

AllEvents “Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown Toronto”

"Fourteen top Ocean Wise chefs compete head-to-head for the title of 2013 Toronto Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown Champion. Taste 14 delectable original chowders, paired with beer, and vote for your favourite, all in support of sustainable seafood..."


19 November 2013

Eventzz “Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown Toronto”

"Fourteen top Ocean Wise chefs compete head-to-head for the title of 2013 Toronto Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown Champion. Taste 14 delectable original chowders, paired with beer, and vote for your favourite, all in support of sustainable seafood..."


20 November 2013

CBC News “8 delicious chowders in Calgary”

 "Earlier this week, 12 of Calgary's top chefs got together for a little friendly chowder competition in support of the Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise program. The Chowder Chowdown had some delicious, sustainable Ocean Wise chowders but if you missed the event, the Calgary Eyeopener's food and nutrition columnist, Julie Van Rosendaal, has compiled a list of some of the most delicious bowls of chowder in town..."


21 November 2013

Up! Magazine “Canada’s best chefs go head-to-head for Ocean Wise”

"When most people think of chowder, they picture the New England variety, a thick and creamy stew of potatoes, bacon and clams, served with crackers. Ocean Wise, the Vancouver Aquarium’s conservation program that aims to educate consumers on the importance of eating sustainable seafood and the dangers of overfishing, created a competition around this popular dish, pitting some of the country’s best chefs against each other in a Chowder Chowdown..."


21 November 2013

Vancouverscape “Forage Restaurant’s Chris Whittaker Crowned Defending Chowdown Champ at 2013’s Oceanwise Chowder Chowdown”

"Vancouver’s Sixth Annual Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown is by far one of my favourite events to attend. Not only do some of Vancouver’s top chefs go into friendly battle preparing some of the finest seafood chowder around, but lively conversation around the aquarium along with paired craft beers in hand draws a packed crowd – at least for the past four years I’ve been there..."


21 November 2013

Canadian Living Magazine “Winner of 2013 Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown”

"Every year, Ocean Wise, a Vancouver Aquarium conservation program that raises awareness of the issues surrounding sustainable seafood, has a big chowder competition held in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver..."


28 November 2013


"You know what would warm you hop on a nice soggy day like today? A nice hot bowl of chowder. Thankfully, Oceanwise, which is a conservation program put together by the Vancouver Aquarium (who knew?!), organized a wonderfully delicious Chowder Chowdown just the other week to bring awareness to the issues surrounding sustainable seafood..."


30 November 2013

Post City Magazine “Searching for the city’s top sustainable soup at the Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown”

"Last night the trendy Fermenting Cellar of the Distillery District played host to a gathering of the chowder-loving masses. Their purpose: to raise funds for Ocean Wise, a national sustainable seafood initiative started by the Vancouver Aquarium..."


3 December 2013

Snapd “Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown”

"Canada’s growing sustainable seafood movement had 14 of Toronto’s top chefs compete head-to-head for the title of 2013 Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown Champion..."


3 December 2013

Fashion Magazine "Calagary Chowder Chowdown"


Winter 2013

BC Magazine "Sea Change"

"Rain slants lazily through heavy grey clouds, dimpling the surface of a calm sea as Steve Johansen and his crew pull a strong of spot prawn traps..."





17 January 2012

Kelowna Capital News “From Jude’s kitchen: sustainable seafood”

“January 23 signals the beginning of the Chinese New Year celebration, which lasts until the new moon rises on February 7, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to enjoy some of the fresh and unusual flavours of Chinese cooking...”


19 January 2012

Organic Authority “Sustainable fishing methods and 8 ocean orgs want you to ‘be happy’ about”

“Eight ocean conservation organizations have joined forces to launch a social media campaign titled “Be Happy,” in order to promote the importance of choosing sustainable seafood…”


7 February 2012

Sustainable Marketing “Sustainable seafood”

“OceanWise recently came across my mind when I ate at Hapa Umi, and noticed that many of the food items on their menu has a little ocean-wise sign next to it. As an avid seafood eater, I was determined to find out more about the effects of eating sustainable seafood as opposed to eating carelessly...”


24 February 2012

Inside Vancouver “Last chance to sample unsung heroes menu at Blue Water Café”

”It’s the last few days of Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar’s Unsung Heroes Festival – an eco-foodie initiative by Executive Chef Frank Pabst which started eight years ago and runs February 1-29...”


25 March 2012

The Ubssey “Food with Tyler McRobbie: Ocean Wise schools consumers on seafood sustainably”

“Two words: seafood and sustainability. Individually, they have embedded themselves into our consciousness as iconic Vancouver catchphrases. In the past, they may not have had much to do with each other, but since 2005, Ocean Wise—in partnership with the Vancouver Aquarium—has been working hard to raise awareness on the need for ocean-friendly seafood…”


27 March 2012

BC Living “Trafalgar Bistro hosts third annual Ocean Wise celebration”

“Trafalgars Bistro's seafood offerings have been 100 percent Ocean Wise since 2006 and its annual Ocean Wise celebration dinner, now in its third year, showcases the variety and quality of sustainable seafood available to restaurants and consumers alike…”


1 April 2012

Vancouver View “Earth Angel: Ocean Wise”

“Ocean Wise partners Ryan Johnson and Dylan McCulloch from the Daily Catch Seafood Company on Commercial Drive make their best ‘fish faces’ for Ocean Wise’s “Be Happy” campaign...”


5 April 2012

Environmental Expert “Ocean Wise makes waves in seafood sustainability”

“The Vancouver Aquarium is well recognized as an international tourist destination, but another equally important offering of ours focuses on impactful conservation, research, and education programs...”


13 April 2012

Canada Newswire “Green Toronto Award winners for 2012 include youth, residents, non-profits, and businesses”

“This evening, the City of Toronto in partnership with Green Living Enterprises announced the winners of the 2012 Green Toronto Awards at a ceremony at Exhibition Place. The City's environmental awards of excellence recognize the individuals, organizations and companies helping to lead the way to a cleaner, greener Toronto…”


27 April 2012

The Old Good Food Revolution "Ocean Wise: The Tides of Change"

"Since January of 2005 Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise has grown into one of Canada’s leading sustainable seafood programs. With over 3,100 active locations and 450 partners, the growth and scale of current operations have led to the requirement of localized teams to help advise upon the growth and development in Canada’s largest key market of Toronto…"


29 April 2012

The National Nosh "Read this blog post (the oceans will thank you)"

"On the heels of another great event put on by the Vancouver Aquarium -- this one the Ocean Wise Tides of Change taster at Lumarestaurant in Toronto, I got to thinking, as I do whenever the Ocean Wise crew comes to town, that we should all really be doing more..."

8 May 2012

The Star "Ocean Wise trout salad with buttermilk creme-fraiche dressing: Recipe"

"The folks from the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program were in town recently to celebrate sustainable seafood..."


31 May 2012

Vancouver Observer “Yoga with belugas for World Oceans Day at the Vancouver Aquarium”

“Maybe it’s the mountains, or maybe it’s the fact that the city is surrounded by ocean. Whether you’re born and raised on the West Coast and the sea is second nature to you, or you come from the inland and the sea is a treat you’re not used to, there’s a sense of appreciation in everyone for that vast, briny span of water…”


14 June 2012

Vancouver Sun “Grilled Spot Prawns with Chermoula”

“Spot prawns are Ocean Wise. That means they are a well-managed fishery. These prawns are caught using traps or pots, which result in minimal bycatch and habitat damage…”


24 October 2012

North Shore News “Fish market gets Ocean Wise”

“Unless you love seafood like I do, it's possible you won't think it's worth stopping newspaper production over, but I do get excited when a restaurant goes Ocean Wise (especially when it's on the North Shore).  Dundarave Fish Market is the latest to make the leap to an officially ocean-friendly menu…”


13 November 2012

The Vancouver Sun "Ocean Wise sustainable seafood program partners with first Chinese restaurant"

"Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise conservation program is partnering with its first Chinese restaurant to feature sustainable seafood as part of its offerings. On Nov. 28, the aquarium will partner with Szechuan Chongqing Seafood Restaurant, at 1668 West Broadway, where Chef Robert Wong will give a demonstration on preparing authentic Szechuan dishes featuring Ocean Wise seafood, the aquarium said in a release…"


22 November 2012

Restaurant Central "Chef Albert Ponzo of Le Select Bistro crowned champion of Toronto's 2012 Vancouver Aquarium Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown"

“Twelve top chefs from the Greater Toronto Area battled with ladles, soup pots, and culinary acumen last evening for the winning title at the 2012 Vancouver Aquarium Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown in Toronto. In the end, Chef Albert Ponzo of Le Select Bistro was crowned the 2012 Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown Champion, while Chef Richard Baksh of Earls Kitchen and Bar on King Street was distinguished by event guests as winner of the People’s Choice award...”


24 November 2012

Spotlight Toronto "Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown 2012"

“At the first Chowder Chowdown in Toronto, two years ago, Martin Kouprie and his Pangaea Restaurant team walked away as the double champions. Last year, newcomer Shaun Edmonstone (Bruce Wine Bar) and Morgan Wilson (Trios) split the popular and judges' choice awards. This year another rookie entry, Richard Baksh from Earls Kitchen and Bar took the People's Choice prize, while the judges handed their award to Albert Ponzo of Le Select...”


26 November 2012

Best of Toronto "Sustainable Seafood Goodness at the Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown"

“All in the name of sustainable seafood, 12 top local chefs from the Toronto area each had booths to serve up their own delicious chowder made from ocean-friendly seafood alongside a beer pairing that was chosen to perfectly suit the chowder’s flavour. Upon check-in, you are given a wooden spoon, a ballot and a checklist describing each of the 12 stations...”


27 November 2012

The Scene in T.O. "Scene & Heard: Chowder Chowdown Toronto"

“As the city winds down from the Argos win this past weekend, a very different throw down went down at the Royal York last Wednesday night. The third annual Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown in support of the Vancouver Aquarium saw 12 Ontario chefs in the battle for chowder supremacy. The battle for sustainable seafood tested each chef’s ocean-friendly seafood chowders, paired with Rickard’s, Creemore and Granville Island beers that highlighted each chowder’s flavour profile...”


28 November 2012

Chatelaine "The facts on sustainable seafood from Ocean Wise"

 "The term ‘sustainable’ may be the hot word du jour, but where our seafood is concerned, it may be the only word that matters. According to Ocean Wise, a not-for-profit seafood conservation program founded by Vancouver Aquarium, an estimated 90% of all large, predatory fish have been depleted from the world’s oceans due to overfishing…"


4 December 2012

Vancouver Observer "Szechuan Chongqing is is first Chinese restaurant to go Ocean Wise"

"The Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise program has recently taken in some new family members - the team behind The Original Szechuan Chongqing Seafood Restaurant…"




11 December 2011 Lifestyle "Understanding Ocean Wise"
    "The Vancouver Aquarium conservation program is teaching consumers about sustainable seafood..."

28 November 2011
Eat Magazine "Top Chefs Face Off over Ocean Wise Chowder"
    "The 4th Annual Ocean Wise Seafood Chowder Chowdown took place at the Vancouver Aquarium last night, with a sold-out house and a lot of great beer. Twelve chefs competed to be named Chowder King, and each entry was paired with a local B.C. brew..."

24 November 2011
Vancouver Sun "Chowder Chowdown: The Crowning of a New Champion"
    "Big congrats to Paul Cecconi, executive chef of Local Lounge • Grille in Summerland, who beat 11 other chefs Wednesday night to win Vancouver Aquarium’s fourth annual Ocean Wise Seafood Chowder Chowdown..."

24 November 2011
The Corporate Yacht "Executive Chef Natasha Harris WINS the People's Choice Award for Favourite Ocean Wise Chowder!"
    "The Sunset Bay Yacht Group is proud to announce that Executive Chef Natasha Harris won the coveted “People’s Choice Award” for favourite Chowder at the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown last night!..."

24 November 2011
Inside Vancouver "Local Lounge Wins 2011 Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown"
    "Last night, my partner and I joined the 560(!) guests at the sold-out Vancouver Aquarium’s 2011 Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown for an evening of chowder and beer tasting that was a rousing success..."

24 November 2011
Vancouver Foodster "2011 Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown"
    "The 4th Annual Ocean Wise Seafood Chowder Chowdown was a huge success at a great event hosted by the Vancouver Aquarium on November 23rd. This event saw a packed house sampling many or all of the twelve chowders..."

23 November 2011
Coleen's Dish - Coleen Christie's Blog "Chowder Chowdown Winner"
    "Local Lounge Smoked ‘outlandish’ oyster chowder with parsnips, squash and brown butter breadcrumbs..."

21 November 2011
Food Service World "Sea Change: Tracing Seafood's Sustainability Story"
    "Most restaurants operate with the idea that quality and safety are paramount considerations when choosing the food they serve to their customers. But, as Canadians become increasingly conscious and informed about environmental issues, they are demanding chefs approach ingredient purchases ethically, too..."

21 November 2011
Engage: SFU Volunteer Services Blog "Ocean Wise Program and Sustainable Seafood - Pick your Fish!"
    "If you love to dine out in Vancouver, it’s likely that you’ve seen this symbol before.   I stumbled across it quite a few times before I discovered what it meant.  This is the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise symbol..."

15 November 2011
Vancouver Sun "Chowder Competition: New Twists on a Traditional Dish"
    "A dozen of the city’s top chefs are poised to take seafood chowder to a whole new place: Asia. The winner of last year’s Vancouver Aquarium Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown — a dashi halibut chowder from Hapa Izakaya chef Ben Berwick..."

9 November 2011
Spotlight Toronto "2011 Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown"
    "It is nearly impossible to overstate the desperate condition that our most-fished ocean species fnd themselves in. We have taken so many of the larger, top-of-the-chain fish that many of them are very close to being extinct..."

28 October 2011
Market Wire "1 Fish 2 Fish Fresh Seafood Market Celebrates Sustainability"
    "As the first fish market in the Vancouver area to join the Ocean Wise™ program in 2009; to Heather Jenkins and her staff at 1 Fish 2 Fish Fresh Seafood Market, protecting and sustaining seafood and fish stocks has always been a top priority..."

20 October 2011
Vancouver Sun "Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown"
    "Twelve of Vancouver’s top Ocean Wise chefs will heat up the Vancouver Aquarium on November 23 as they compete in a cook-off for the title of 2011 Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown Champion..."

20 October 2011
Scout Magazine "GOODS: The Vancouver Aquarium & Ocean Wise Ready For "Toast to the Coast"
    "Join 500 foodies and wine lovers in support of the Vancouver Aquarium’s conservation, education and research efforts at Toast to the Coast 2011 on Friday November 4, 2011..."

14 October 2011
The Vancouver Observer "Vancouver Aquarium's Upstream Cafe Awarded for Sustainable Practices and Environmental Contributions"
    "The Vancouver Aquarium's Upstream Café received the annual Terry Biggar award by the British Columbia Bottle Depot Association. The award recognizes "sustainable practices and environmental contributions..."

14 October 2011 "Local Chefs Create Shark-Fin-Free Alternatives at Sans Fin Soup Contest"
    "It was an episode of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay's U.K. series Gordon Ramsay: Shark Bait that convinced Vancouver chef and Edible Canada sous chef Tom Lee to enter Shark Truth's Sans Fin Soup Contest..."

7 October 2011
Vancouver Courier "Conservationists Spawn "Salmon-Safe' Label in B.C."
    "As of this week, B.C. consumers can buy wine, produce, meat, nuts and, soon, Christmas trees marked Salmon-Safe..."

18 August 2011
Cuisine Canada Scene "Review: The Ocean Wise Cookbook"
    "Ocean Wise is a nation-wide conservation program designed to educate restaurants and consumers about the issues surrounding sustainable seafood..."

10 August 2011
Canadian Tourism Commission "Wise up to Sustainable Fish and Seafood"
    "Chefs across Canada have signed on with the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program in record numbers – some 3,100 restaurants across the country now serve at least some sustainable fish and seafood on their menus..."

24 May 2011
Apple App Store "Ocean Wise"
    "Ocean Wise is the trusted symbol of ocean-friendly seafood in Canada. The new Ocean Wise app makes it easier than ever to make ocean-friendly seafood choices. It features a searchable, real-time updated seafood database. It also enables you to locate and make reservations at Ocean Wise participating restaurants, or locate Ocean Wise."

18 April 2011
Reader's Digest Open Kitchen "Sea of Love"
    "How much do you love seafood? Vancouverite Jane Mundy loves it so much, she’s determined to help pull us back from the brink of a world-wide fisheries collapse..."

1 March 2011
Canadian News Wire "Are you Toronto's Ultimate Ocean Wise Seafoodie?"
    "There's a new type of foodie emerging in Toronto's culturally-diverse culinary scene—the Ocean Wise Seafoodie. Looking for greater understanding of a perfectly planked B.C. wild Sockeye..."

20 February 2011
CBC News "Big Fish Numbers Dwindling: UBC Study"
    "The population breakdown in the world's oceans is changing dramatically, with big fish numbers dropping while smaller fish become more plentiful, according to a new study..."

18 February 2011
NOW Toronto "Go Fish! Local Cooks Celebrate Sustainability"
    "Though it seems like every eco-minded eatery in town has jumped on the locavore bandwagon, when it comes to seafood and sustainability, sadly very few of them are on board..."

15 February 2011
Canadian Tourism Commission "Canadian Chefs Lead the Way in Discovering New and Sustainable Seafood"
    "Invited to tour some of Steveston Village’s seafood restaurants, I was salivating before I even arrived at the historic fishing village near Vancouver, BC..."

3 February 2011 "Ocean Wise launches iPhone app"
    "Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise initiative on Thursday announced that it launched an iPhone application..."

2 February 2011
Food Vancouver "Canadians Go Ocean Wise with Sustainable Seafood iPhone App"
    "Canadians looking to make smart, sustainable seafood choices are encouraged to use the Ocean Wise iPhone application—an easy-to-use app that provides consumers..."

21 January 2011
BC Local News "Ocean Wise Seafood"
    "If you care about how you feed yourself and your loved ones, you must care about whether the earth will still be able to feed them in 40 years..."

18 January 2011
The Province "B.C. Restaurant Eager to Protect Province's Awesome Seafood Stocks"
    "With a staggering 26,000 kilometres of coastline to play with, is it any surprise that B.C.'s residents have been feasting on fish and seafood for millennia?..."

10 January 2011
Toronto Sun "Is There a Catch to Eating Fish?"
    "Go fish, go figure. Years ago, the fish story was a simple one: Eat more fish for your brain and heart health. Today's fish story is swimming in murky waters, and the responsibility of how to choose fish is so enormous..."


16 November 2010

TinyBites  "Our Tips for Eating Your Fill at the Ocean Wise Seafood Chowder ChowDown"

           'Last December, my husband and I found ourselves wandering through the maze of tanks at the Vancouver Aquarium. We marvelled at the jellies, peered at the bioluminescent marine life, and a touch disturbingly, downed a whole lot of seafood chowder...'

16 November 2010

Edmonton Journal  "Enter to Win an Ocean Wise Cookbook"

           'A new seafood cookbook has just been released by Ocean Wise, a nationwide conservation program that educates restaurants and consumers about issues surrounding sustainable seafood...'

15 November 2010

The Province  "Get Ocean Wise This Month "

           'It's Ocean Wise month, a time to think about our responsibility to our seas and the fish and seafood that come from them - and also to celebrate a Vancouver success story...'

10 November 2010  "Books for Real Cooks: Season's Best Opens Up a Whole New World of Food Choices "

           'Forget those flashy coffee table books that are long on pretty pictures but short on real recipes. For 2010, the best cookbooks are big, fat, practical tomes stuffed with tips, techniques and, of course, recipes...'

10 November 2010

Burnaby Now  "Be Ocean Wise This November "

           'November is for rememberance, and in recent years it's also the month we tolerate unsightly facial hair to raise awareness for prostate cancer. November is important for another crucial cause as well: it's Ocean Wise Month...'

01 November 2010

Sustainable Ontario "OCTA's Culinary Tourism U"

           'Our Annual Culinary Tourism Summit is a chance to engage with culinary tourism stakeholders from across the province and country...'

18 September 2010

Nutrition: Fact or Fiction  "2010 Canadian Chef's Congress: Oceans for Tomorrow"

           'Through my company, LEAF, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the 2010 Canadian Chef's Congress this past week ...'

17 September 2010

Rachelle Eats Food  "Meet A Gold Medal Plates Competing Chef: Chef Charlotte Langley of The Whalesbone Oyster House"

           'The following guest post continues a series of "Meet a Gold Medal Plates Competing Chef" interviews you will see on Fridays ...'

13 February 2010

Calgary Herald  "Sustainable Fish and Seafood"

           'After learning his trade at the famed Rodney's Oyster House in Toronto, Joshua Bishop went off to see the world...'

30 January 2010

Coleen's Dish "Ocean Wise Turns 5"

           'I was recently reminded of why I love this city's attitude about dining. You can eat amazing food and not destroy the planet all at the same time...'

29 January 2010

TinyBites "Ocean Wise Turns 5!"

           'Upon reaching their 5th anniversary they pulled out all the stops and threw a party that included many members of the media and several Ocean Wise restaurants...'

28 January 2010

Vancouver Foodster "Ocean Wise Myster Tour"

           'A unique event to celebrate 5 years of the Ocean Wise program...'

27 January 2010

Island Chef "Chatting with Rob Clark"

           'Robert believes that chefs have a special ability to create change. He says "The people who feed the people are the most powerful so it is easier for us to make a difference"...'

24 January 2010

Taste T.O. "Why we all need to Wise Up"

           'The guesswork of choosing a fish that is sustainable has been taken out of the transaction...'



28 December 2009

Vancouver Foodster "Best Foodie Events of 2009"

           'Ocean Wise Seafood Chowder ChowDown was the most entertaining event at the coolest venue that brought together some of the cities best chefs and restaurant to support a great organisation...'

4 December 2009

Foodservice and Hospitality Magazine "Supplier of the Year - Sea Change"

           'Thanks for a sustainable seafood program that's been rolled out nationwide, Ocean Wise is changing the way Canadians think about eating fish...'

26 November 2009

Vancouver Foodster "Ocean Wise Seafood Chowder ChowDown"

           'The 2nd Annual Ocean Wise Seafood Chowder ChowDown was a huge success at a great event hosted by the Vancouver Aquarium on November 25th...'

25 November 2009

Inside Vancouver "Go Fish Win 2009 Ocean Wise Seafood Chowder ChowDown"

           'My friends and I just got back from the sold-out 2009 Ocean Wise Seafood Chowder ChowDown at the Vancouver Aquarium. We're absolutely swollen with chowder and beer, and we loved every minute...'

29 September 2009

Central "Future of Fish - Increasing your Ocean I.Q."

           'An interview with Mike McDermid, Ocean Wise's Program Manager...'

26 August 2009

Gulf Islands Driftwood "Thrifty's Adopts Ocean Wise Program"

           'Sherwood said the company's decision formalizes Thrifty Foods' long-standing emphasis on fresh, locally sourced and sustainable fisheries whenever possible...'

30 July 2009

24 Hours "Exotic Fish Dishes that don't Hurt Stocks"

           'The Ocean Wise sustainable seafood program is educating diners and restaurant staff alike, according to a prominent Vancouver seafood chef...'

25 June 2009

National Post "Seafood for Thought - Sealife meets seafood at the Toronto Zoo"

           'Like any zoo experience worth its salt, this event mixed fun with learning, as Seafood for Thought also served to bring awareness to the problems of fishing done wrong and one particular organisation - Ocean Wise - which is working to encourage fishing done right...'

27 April 2009

UrbanDiner "Sustainable Sushi"

           'When we think of food and sustainability, it's easier to be conscious of what visiby surrounds us on land than beneath the ocean's waves...'

8 April 2009

Taste T.O. "Wise Up - A New Way to Choose Sustainable Fish"

           'The fishe we love to eat the most are the ones that are most at risk, and restaurants play an important role in teaching and enouraging customers about choosing sustainable options...'

17 February 2009

24 Hours "Restaurants wise up"

           'Plans to save our ocean's fish continue on one dinner plate at a time...'

16 February 2009

Metro "Aquarium Seafood Sustainability Program Ready to go National"

            'The Vancouver Aquarium is so committed to serving sustainable seafood, even its fish eat the highest quality sashimi-grade spot prawns money can buy.'



4 November 2008

Metro "Chowder Competition Heats Up"

            'The fishy smells at the Vancouver Aquarium yesterday were unusually delicious.'


28 August 2008

Bowen Island Undercurrent "Eating Ethically Involves Self-education, Imagination"

            'On Bowen the Ruddy Potato is making efforts to adopt sound seafood buying practices. Buyer Tim Frazer says that the store now features 70 per cent seafood approved by Ocean Wise, a Vancouver Aquarium conservation program that aims to help consumers make environmentally sound seafood choices.'

24 May 2008

Vancouver Sun "Sea Change - Wise Choices, Healthy Oceans "

             `The tastiest seafood is increasingly local and sustainable.'

March 2008

Shared Vision "Fishing In Troubled Waters"

             `A founding member of Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise program, Blue Water's seafood is sustainably harvested, and, wherever possible, wild - which requires some research. "Whenever a new product becomes available, we check with the Aquarium to see what they think of it."

2 March 2008

Kelowna Capital News "Ocean Wise "

             `Another Kelowna business has joined the Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise program, which was created to help restaurants, seafood sellers and their customers make environmentally-friendly seafood choices'

21 February 2008

Green Living Online "Get Ocean Wise with your fish"

             `Scientists have been warning us for years that fish stocks are depleted and shortages are ahead if something doesn't change. Vancouver's Ocean Wise program is helping locals choose sustainable options

9 January 2008

Metro "Ocean Wise Promotes Eating Smart"

             ` A seafood buffet might seem like an odd thing for the Vancouver Aquarium to offer its guests at the anniversary celebration of one of its programs

9 January 2008

Five Star Alliance "Spotlight on: Eco-Friendly Kitchens at Fairmont Hotels and Resorts"

              `In British Columbia, the Fairmont Vancouver Airport and The Fairmont Empress were the first hotels to join the Ocean Wise program run by the Vancouver Aquarium which promotes the use of sustainable seafood




6 December 2007

Vancouver Sun "Vancouver Restaurateur Greens up his Business"

              `His C Restaurant was a founding partner in the Ocean Wise program that promotes the protection of ocean species and habitats

16 November 2007

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts "How Green is Thy Kitchen?"

   `Fairmont experts find creative solutions for sustainable operations

2 October 2007                                                                                                                                            

Parksville Qualicum News “Getting Wise about their Ocean Menu”                                                             

              ‘Almost everywhere you look these days, the news is the same. Fish stocks are crashing, another species is at risk’


Fall 2007

Air New Zealand In-flight Magazine “Northern Exposure

              ‘Even the aquarium is part of Vancouver’s culinary rebirth: they pioneered the Ocean Wise conservation program’


September/October 2007

EAT Magazine “Aquarium’s Ocean Wise Program Announces 10 New Participants

              ‘The Vancouver Aquarium has announced 10 new participants on Vancouver Island to its Ocean Wise program’


5 September 2007

Canadian Tourism Commission “Serving up Sustainable Seafood at Delta Hotels

              ‘In an area well known for its bountiful and fresh seafood, Delta's hotels in British Columbia are pleased to announce   their recent partnership with Ocean Wise’


29 August 2007

The National Post “Remember the Cute Sea Creatures while You Eat the Ugly Ones

              ‘Ocean Wise restaurants offer sustainable seafood’


August 2007

Gremolata 141 “Chef Michael Weaver is Ocean Wise

              'Unwise' products still make it to the table, but that's all on the road to change, thanks to a new program called Ocean Wise, developed by the Vancouver Aquarium’

10 August 2007
Victoria News “Eateries Earn Environmental Seal of Approval
              ‘Seven Victoria restaurants have joined a new environmentally-charged program’

3 August 2007
Peninsula News Review “Red Fish Blue Fish Shop Presents Green Seafood
              ‘While playful in name, the fish-and-chips shop is serious when it comes to using local, sustainable seafood’

July/August 2007
EAT Magazine “Seafood Tonight?
              ‘Ocean Wise comes to the Island’

26 July 2007
Georgia Straight “Guide Helps You Stop Biting Into At-risk Fish
              ‘The Vancouver Aquarium conservation program has persuaded dozens of BC restaurants to identify “ocean- friendly” dishes that use sustainable seafood’

8 July 2007
Urban Diner “Sustainable Whaa?
              `Where can I go for sustainable sushi?” One of the top questions for Ocean Wise involves the quest for an ocean-friendly salmon roll’

July 2007
Vancouver Magazine “C Restaurant
              ‘Sensational seafood, sustainably sourced’

28 June 2007
Kelowna Daily Courier “Be Ocean Wise about Meal Choices
               ‘Vancouver Aquarium program encourages restaurants to serve fish that is harvested responsibly’

18 June 2007
CBC News “Endangered Fish Stocks Spur Canadian Chefs to Change Menus
               ‘The depletion of fish stocks around the world has top chefs arming themselves with the tools needed to make informed decisions to assure a future with abundant ocean wildlife’

30 May 2007
Globe and Mail “Do You Know Where Your Fish is From?
               ‘Take a close look at your next menu – chefs are increasingly taking an interest in replacing iffy species with sustainable alternatives’

25 May 2007
Times Colonist “Ocean Wise Program Puts Emphasis on Sustainable Seafood Fisheries
               ‘An initiative by the Vancouver Aquarium to promote sustainable fisheries to the masses through the restaurant industry was launched in Victoria yesterday, with six Vancouver Island restaurants the first to take the bait’

May 2007
SPIN News Magazine “Delicacies from the Deep
              ‘Ocean Wise an initiative that began in 2005, encouraging restaurants to use sustainable seafood, and has recently been adopted by Ian Riddick, executive chef at Mantles Restaurant in the Delta Sun Peaks Resort’

April 2007
Vancouver Magazine “Sea Smarts
              ‘Ocean Wise program helps Vancouver diners make smart, sustainable choices’

29 March 2007
Globe and Mail “Food: Roast Sablefish
               ‘It’s no surprising that the best seafood restaurant in Canada is in Vancouver. It is surprising that it took a gruff Easterner from the Gaspe to pull it off’

February 2007
Vancouver Sun “Menus Made to Appeal to Aging Baby Boomers
               ‘The Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program – which promotes sustainable seafood harvesting – discourages restaurants from offering threatened species like Chilean sea bass, orange roughy, shark and blue fin tuna’

4 January 2007
North Shore Outlook “Ocean Wise
                ‘ British Columbia is known for its fresh, high quality seafood’

Canadian Living Magazine “Yum! Seafood For a Sustainable Planet with David Suzuki
                 ‘Advice and resources for making environmentally friendly seafood choices’


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December 2006
24 Hours “A Wise Approach to Ocean Resources
                ‘It was a seafood smorgasbord at the Vancouver Aquarium yesterday, as the newest members of Ocean Wise flaunted both culinary talent and a commitment to sustainability’

5 November 2006
World Changing Canada “ Too Many Not Enough Fish in the Sea
                ‘If you’re a lover of seafood and scuba diving like I am, the recent report on the projected impact of overfishing on worldwide fish populations probably has you shaking in your fins too’

October 2006
Capers Community Markets “Sable Fish Presented by Chef Christian Veldon
                 ‘This podcast was recorded live at Capers Living Naturally Fair in Vancouver in October’

22 September 2006
Vancouver Courier “COPE calls for Sustainable Seafood
                 `If COPE parks commissioner Spencer Herbert has his way, the fish and chips you buy at the beach next summer will be served with a side of environmental responsibility’

17 September 2006
Capers Community Markets “Capers Donates $40,000 to the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise Program
                 ‘Capers Community Markets, Canada’s leading natural and organic food markets, has donated $40,000 to Ocean Wise, the Vancouver Aquarium’s sustainable seafood program’

September 2006
Food Service and Hospitality Magazine “Sea Change
                 ‘Are we loving our favourite fish to death’

July 2006
SeaFood Business “Sustainability Programs are Gaining Ground
                 ‘Seafood buyers find that resource preservation and profitability go hand in hand’

May 2006
Continental Airlines Magazine “Fisherman’s Friend
                `Partnering with Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise initiative and 30 other local restaurants, we are slowly Changing the way the industry works’

April 2006
Yaletown Magazine “Toast to the Coast
                ‘A wine celebration fundraiser’

2 February 2006
Capers Community Markets “Capers becomes First Retailer to Join Ocean Wise Sustainable Seafood Program
                ‘The Vancouver Aquarium is pleased to announce that Capers Community Markets, Canada’s leading natural and organic food markets, will be the first retailer to participate in “Ocean Wise”


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19 October 2005
24 Hours “The Seafood You Won’t See
                ‘Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, but you better make sure it’s not Chilean sea bass’

August 2005
Vancouver Magazine “Chefs Lead the way to Sustainable Fish
                ‘Few many fish in the sea. Sustainable dining goes into the mainstream’

27 April 2005
Vancouver Sun “Restaurants serve Up the Right Recipe for Seafood Conservation
                ‘Sixteen BC restaurants have joined a program to help conserve oceans and seafood under various threats’

27 April 2005
North Shore News “Ocean Wise arrives at the Salmon House
               ‘Choosing sustainable seafood while dining out in the Lower Mainland just got easier’

1 April 2005
Pacific/Prairie Restaurant “C’s Ballet Service and Sustainable Seafood
              ‘In addition to C, the Vancouver Aquarium’s own in-house catering department and café will be an Ocean Wise partner’

April 2005
Shared Vision “What’s the Catch?
              ‘Another net gain for sustainability is coming from the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre’

28 February 2005
CBC News “Program Promotes Sustainable Seafood
              ‘A new program at the Vancouver Aquarium is helping BC restaurant make ethical and environmentally decisions about what to serve their customers’

2 February 2005
North Shore News “Wising Up on Seafood Conservation
             ‘Sustainability could drive menu choices’


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